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Any online casino enthusiast will be familiar with the terms VIP or VIP club. Have you wondered what they mean or refer to? The term VIP club refers to a feature available to very important players (VIPs) at that particular online casino. By extension, it is then understood that this feature or tag is not given to all players at an online casino. Different online casinos have different criteria for selecting their VIPs, or for allowing players to upgrade to this special status. In this article, we will discuss in brief who are VIP players, how does one become a VIP player, and what are the benefits and rewards you can expect as a VIP player at an online casino.

Who is a VIP at an Online Casino?

At an online casino, there are two distinctive categories – the regular player and the VIP. The VIP is one who is accorded a special status by the online casino. Basically, anyone can become a VIP at an online casino, provided they fulfill certain criteria that the casinos set for upgrading to this status. As a VIP, you get special benefits at the online casino you are playing at, benefits that are different from the usual promotions, bonuses, and loyalty schemes that online casinos offer to all their players. We will discuss more about the benefits of being a VIP at an online casino in a later section of this article.

How Do You Become a VIP at an Online Casino?

The next question that you will have is ‘How do I become a VIP at an online casino?’ The answer to that one is quite simple, really. As the term indicates, being a VIP means availing special benefits from the online casino. However, these special benefits do not come for free; you need to fulfill certain criteria that the online casino sets out for according VIP status to players. There are two ways in which you can be a VIP at an online casino – upgrade from the regular player status, or join as a VIP player directly.

In some online casinos, achieving VIP status is not too difficult for a regular player. The basic requirement for a player to become a VIP in such casinos is to spend a specific amount of time at the casino regularly. The players need to play games for real money during the time they spend at the casino, obviously. Once you have proven yourself to be a loyal player at the casino, you get a chance to upgrade to VIP status.

In some other casinos, the criterion for becoming a VIP player is different: you need to deposit a specific amount of money, usually of higher value than the minimum deposit that the casino offers, to gain VIP status.

Benefits of Being a VIP at an Online Casino

Most online casinos have exotic incentives and even gifts for their VIP members. As a VIP, you are accorded special status, and that automatically translates to higher value promotions. You get access to not just higher value promotions, but also to more promotions than regular players. Then there is also the possibility of being invited to play in specific tournaments that the online casino organizes. Besides, you could also get special trips and vacations as gifts from the casino, if you are a high value player. There are also quite a few online casinos that allot a special personalized VIP manager for each of their VIP members. It is the manager’s responsibility to look after you and ensure that you are getting all the benefits that the casino has offered you.