Roulette for High Rollers

Anyone that has played the classic casino game roulette knows that it can pay out enormous prize sums. In roulette there is no real talk about strategies and tactics since the game is all about luck. For sure, you can better your chances of winning a bit by going for the right sort of bets with statistics that speaks to your advantage. For high roller roulette players one can question if the statistics are ever to their advantage. A high roller must have nerves of steel and enjoy the risk of losing big amounts of money. Naturally, a player that turns to UK casinos for high stake roulette will find the hardest bets the most enchanting. Putting a few hundred pounds on one number and winning is a rush that few would say no to.

Nerves of Steel

To play high stakes roulette online, you must know what you are doing. The limits for the roulette game are set high, but what about your own limits? Before you get into the excitement of betting through the roof on one number on the roulette wheel you must make sure that your nerves can handle this. New players are not always aware of the type of tension that high stake roulette games can cause. For this reason it is recommended to keep the bets at a lower level, say around £200-£500, till you think you can handle the suspense of risking a greater loss. The best high roller roulette players have nerves of steel and they won’t budge after losing a few thousand in one hour. If you can go through this sort of scenario and still enjoy the gaming experience you have the right mind set for being a roulette high roller!

High Limit Roulette Online

So how much can you bet on roulette online? We have all heard of casinos in Las Vegas putting limits on the roulette tables to ensure that people won’t lose all that they have on one game of roulette. In online casinos you might not be able to find fairy tale table stakes for roulette, but you should definitely be able to trace down a casino for UK players where the excitement can be geared up by some serious roulette bets. Expect bet levels of £500 per game in UK casinos online, and if you want to double or triple that, there are other European casinos that can offer even higher stakes.

Everything for the VIP Player

If you are a high roller roulette player, you need to get plenty of compensation for your bets in online casinos. Many UK casinos, and other online casinos that cater to the UK players, make sure that any member of the casino will also be part of the VIP club. This will reward your every bet which means that high roller roulette bets will turn into hefty compensations, just as they should! Be wise and pick a casino online that will give you the privileges that you deserve when you go for their high stakes roulette games.