High Stakes Poker

Poker, unlike many of the other gambling games available, is one that requires a degree of skill to go with the critical luck factor. It has been one of the most popular gambling games from the time gambling became an activity that people indulged in. Today, poker is a hot game at a number of casinos, land-based as well as online. There are, in fact, online poker rooms where the only game available to play is poker in its different forms. You can play poker for fun as well as for real money. When you play poker for real money, you can either play like regular people, average bankrolls and low to medium stakes, or you can play high stakes poker. In this article, we will discuss briefly about the different aspects of high stakes poker.

Playing High Stakes Poker

Before we get to discuss about playing high stakes poker, we need to define for ourselves what amount the term ‘high stakes’ signifies. Is there a specific wager amount that marks you out as a high stakes poker player?

There is no single definition for the term ‘high stakes’. The perception of high stakes is different for different players. However, in the poker world, any wager that involves blind bets of $5/$10 or more for a No Limit Texas Hold’em game is considered a high stakes poker wager. This number may vary from one online poker site to another – while some poker sites may stop at blind bets of $10/$20, there are others where this value goes up to hundreds of dollars.

Who Plays High Stakes Poker

An ordinary poker player will not play high stakes poker, for sure. A regular member at an online poker site will be content with playing regular poker games with low to medium blind bets. The high stakes poker player is the high roller, and is usually a member of the poker site’s VIP club. Being a member to a poker site’s VIP club gives the high stakes poker player to a lot of incentives and freebies, bonuses and promotions that the site offers players to keep them at their tables instead of wandering around looking for better poker rooms.

Once you are known as a high stakes poker player, things ease out for you at the online poker sites you play in. usually, apart from getting a lot of freebies, you could also find that the time it takes for you to deposit money into your account or withdraw your winnings has been shortened drastically.

Where to Play High Stakes Poker

When it comes to deciding where to play high stakes poker, the choice becomes rather obvious. You would be better off looking for an online poker room that offers high stakes poker games instead of looking for a land-based one. For one, you may need to travel to Las Vegas or Atlanta if you are looking for a land-based high stakes poker joint; your neighborhood poker room may not exactly be able to fulfill your high stakes poker ambitions. Besides, at online poker rooms, you get enormous incentives, and the comfort of playing from your home. Add to that the opportunity to play multiple games simultaneously and you know that your decision to play online high stakes poker was right.