High Roller Casinos land based

Gambling has been a trait known to humans from a very long time ago, and the first casinos that were set up sought to cash in on this human trait for profit. After the Internet came into existence, these casinos were referred to as land-based casinos to differentiate them from their online counterparts.

The land-based casinos have their own set of players, who are differentiated basically into two categories – the regular players, i.e. the ones that wager normal or regular sums of money on games, and the ones that play big money games and wager large amounts of cash on the games they play. These players are called high rollers. In this article, we will discuss briefly about these high rollers – who they are, how much they wager, and how the casinos treat them.

High Rollers in Land-Based Casinos

The term ‘high roller’ probably originated in the early days of the casino culture for people who rolled the dice while wagering high amounts. In the land-based casinos, all are welcome, but it is the big spending high rollers that the casinos keep a lookout for. This is because the high roller is a big spender, and gambling being the way it is, the odds of a person spending more than he is winning are usually high.

The high roller is an awe-inspiring sight in a land-based casino. He is usually surrounded by people and sits with a large pile of chips in front of him. While the chances of him losing a major share of the money he is wagering are high, that fact does not seem to affect him too much; it is a risk he is willing to take. Because when he hits the winning streak, the amount of money he can rake in is enormous. That is another thing about land-based casinos entertaining high rollers: while they may love it for the high roller to lose his money at their tables, they have to be able to give him his winnings if he hits a massive jackpot, say in the multi-million dollar league.

Benefits for High Rollers at Land-Based Casinos

Since the high roller is a big spender, land-based casinos do a lot to keep them at their tables. They offer large incentives and superb perks to these high rollers. The perks available could include even a return air ticket to the casino, along with other perks like a suite to stay there, a personal manager to take care of their requirements, food and drinks, and much more.

However, as interesting as these perks may be, it would probably be a better idea to be a high roller at an online casino than at a land-based casino. This is because at online casinos, you get large promotions and a lot of free money that you can use to fund your games; the incentive is the actually money you would use to play the games, as against secondary amenities, though those are offered as well. Another critical thing is that when it comes to online casinos, you can log into multiple casinos and play at all of them at the same time, as a high roller, something that you cannot do when it comes to land-based casinos. And then, there is the question of traveling: you need to travel to a land-based casino to be a high roller there, while at an online casino, you can be the high roller from the confines of your living room.