Blackjack for High Rollers

In blackjack you can reach the big bucks by applying skill and dedication to your games. If there is any game that fits the smart high roller, it is this one! While the game demands the same concentration and focus as poker, you will never feel the same level of stress and this regardless of where you are playing. UK casinos online are known for blackjack tables that provide the players with the possibility of high table stakes and the comfort of being able to play at a conductive pace. Unless you choose a live blackjack game, it is you against the dealer and no other player will have a say about your choices.

Blackjack Online

Some believe that blackjack online can’t be played at high table stakes, but this is not so. There are plenty of online casinos that offer high stakes blackjack similar to what can be found in the best casinos in Las Vegas. The risk is the same, of course, but when you play online you will find it easier to stay on top of the actual game since there are no regular “casino distractions” going on around you. With 2 cards and the aim to reach exactly 21 and not one point more, you can count on a game where your body and mind will get deeply involved. Sweat when you realize that you are about to win a lot, laugh all the way to the bank when you decide to cash it out, and feel the butterflies in your tummy as you get ready to lay down the first bet of your gaming session…

Knowing your Limits

For high roller blackjack players it is not hard to find table stakes that will start at $500 for one hand. If you think that you can handle many hands at once it could be a good idea to opt for a casino that will let you bet on several blackjack hands at once. You might feel comfortable with playing 2 hands of blackjack at £150 dollar at the same time but in the world of high roller blackjack this will not make for a world record. Try betting 8K per hand on 6 simultaneous games! This will surely get your pulse going. OK, so you will have no problems finding blackjack in casinos for UK players at high table limits but the question is if you are aware of your own limits? This is an important questions because you must make sure that your bets bring you’re the entertainment that you deserve. Disregard group pressure and stick to one game at a time at £800 if this feels right.

Making use of Comps

Many high roller blackjack players from the UK tend to forget about comps and this is a shame. When you come into a casino to play at blackjack tables with high stakes, you must realize that you are very important to the casino. If they are not rolling out the red carpet for you, they should at least make sure to give you comps for all of your bets. If you are a very skilled blackjack player, the casino might reduce your points but it is still worth the while to get the compensation that you deserve.